More Halloween News…

Item #1:

T-shirt images for APOCALYPSE 2012 have been designed and are available via donations at If you want a shirt, PLEASE order today–I need at least 20 shirts ordered before I can start printing.

They will be available for pick up at the parade 10/31 or I will mail them to you via USPS. All funds from the shirts will directly offset the costs of the event… PLEASE ORDER YOURS TODAY!


Item #2:

Come join the first (and arguably best) undead marching band Dead Music Capital Band for our OPEN invitational Halloween Parade! All you need to do is commit to coming to our “normal” rehearsal time Sunday 10/28 3pm and then play with us for the Halloween parade 10/31 in undead style. We will teach everyone our 5(ish) parade tunes and it will be fun-bonding-time.

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