Lucky 2013, Time for Halloween!

38For such an ominous number, 2013 has been a year of good fortune. KreweDCM is thrilled to announce the 7th Annual parade theme: LUCKY 2013.

In partnership with the HONK!TX Festival, the Krewe is planning a raucous celebration of the fates, both ill and good. Just like last year’s parade, the secondline will be lead by a mega-band version of yours-truly, the Dead Music Capital Band, augmented by fiends and friends from the local brass band community, and will make pace through the streets of East Austin to neighborhood bars along East 6th Street.

LUCKY 2013 Timeline:

7:30pm – Meetup for drinks & revelry at the Whitehorse
8:30pm – Parade rolls when DMCB plays us out into the streets
11:30pm – Parade is over — but stay for the pub crawl and some more (f)undead music!

Event Link

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