Halloween with the KreweDCM

KreweDCM, Austin’s only New Orleans-inspired Halloween parade organization established in 2007, has worked very hard through the years to bring a fun and exciting alternative to the standard sights and sounds of our favorite fall holiday. In keeping with tradition, KreweDCM is happy to announce plans to hold the 6th annual Halloween parade! This year, they are planning a second line parade featuring yours truly, the Dead Music Capital Band, that will allow us the freedom to parade through parts of town that may have never seen what the krewe does. The parade route will travel through the residential neighborhood and entertainment district of East Austin, and after moving through those residential areas our second line parade will take a more adult turn and evolve into a pub crawl through the entertainment district of East Austin, culminating in a raucous final set from the DMCB at the Violet Crown Social Club.

On Wednesday October 31, 2012 KreweDCM and the Dead Music Capital Band intends to bring a different kind of Halloween to East Austin!


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